*New* Call for Proposal for Edited Volume

Proposal for Special Issue (proposed title: Many Voices in Sport and Exercise: Self-Talk from Diverse Perspectives and Approaches)

Editors: Jordan Thibodeaux and Judy Van Raalte

Self-talk in sport has been a flourishing topic of scholarly focus since the 1970s. A recent surge of interest suggests there are some limitations and challenges with the current models and methodological approaches in capturing how athletes and exercisers talk to themselves and experience their own self-talk in real sport settings (Van Raalte, Vincent, & Dickens, 2019).

This special issue will provide readers with new perspectives and approaches on the study of self-talk in sport and exercise. The volume is aimed at the question, “What are the diverse approaches to studying self-talk in sport and exercise, and how can these diverse approaches help to connect self-talk to a broader conversation on inner mental experience?” We seek to integrate theoretical and empirical contributions from diverse academic disciplines in order to capture self-talk in the critical moments and experiences of athletes and exercisers in their real environments.

Proposed Specific Aims

The first aim of our volume will address multiple and converging views of self-talk in sport and exercise. Contributions will examine the current limitations with using prior cognitive-behavioral models, which often makes hidden and intuitive assumptions about athlete self-talk. Further, the contributions can integrate newer cognitive behavioral models and dialogical perspective taking in order to cross-fertilize concepts of self-talk.

A second aim considers and critiques various methodological approaches used to study self-talk. Emphasis will be put on approaches adding to the breadth and depth of understanding the athlete’s self-talk as a real-world mental experience. Our focus involves application of mixed, multiple, and novel methodological approaches such as descriptive experience sampling, think aloud protocol, psychophysiological measures (e.g., biofeedback), and the use of real-setting performance metrics and predictors. Research agendas presented will propose the future of studying self-talk “online”, during or immediately after events, which complement the retrospective questionnaire approaches often used currently.  We also will consider the approaches to studying self-talk in novel sport and exercise settings.

Rationale for Publication

The overall impact of this issue will use tremendously insightful advances in the field of self-talk to energize researchers and practitioners from diverse arenas in sport and exercise. We aim for this issue to converge upon the next wave of self-talk scholarship. The venture is a cross-disciplinary endeavor between two self-talk experts. Jordan Thibodeaux is an early-career developmental psychologist with published work on private speech and self-talk in young children and athletes. Judy van Raalte is a seasoned sport psychologist and scholar with several publications in the area of self-talk. We are thrilled to present this for potential publication, and are currently shopping potential outlets.

The proposed deadline for abstract submissions is September 1st. Please contact Jordan Thibodeaux at jthibodeaux@atu.edu if you are interested in making a submission.